Sara Rowe is a multi-talented actress, host, singer, musician, comedian, and dancer. At only 14 years old she is going after her goals with determination and letting her many talents take her to extraordinary heights. Sara personifies the phrase ” Natural-born talent”, from an early age performing and entertaining was organic to her.

“ When I was growing up my parents noticed that I was always singing and dancing around the house, my dad thought ‘hey there’s something here’ and he came across a local adaptation of Toy Story and I auditioned for a part and got it,”

Sara shared. Since her first acting gig at seven years old, she has gone on to play guest starring roles in several television series such as Grey’s Anatomy and has been the host or appeared on many promos and trailers for large production companies like DreamWorks and Disney.

At a very young age Rowe began her singing and acting career in Operas and plays. She starred in such roles as Cosette in Les Misérables and in the Opera “Carmen”. This truly dynamic young person has such an old soul her mature demeanor and well-spoken abilities have led her to hosting interviews at the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes.

Sara is a strong believer in resiliency and has embodied this principle in her career. Her young age and mature personality has worked against her in the industry because a lot of roles are set for older individuals who can work more hours and have a very child-like manner.

“So many times I’ve been rejected on auditions and stuff and being young I’d get discouraged but I pull together and believe in myself and look at it as an opportunity to get better.”